Paintfest America



SEVILLE SQUARE- June 2, 2018

Seville Square


Support Renovate A House Foundation, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization,

HELP cancer patients in need of housing.

DONATE your Best–Cupcakes, Brownies, Cookies, Bundt cake, Layer cake, and Donuts

FILL empty water bottles with nickles, dimes, and quarters and Drop off coin-filled bottles at sound booth.

Everyone bring their baked goods so event participants can acquire the confection via a donation. Bring the entire family. Also, Donate to acquire your favorite painting. There will be bouncy houses, music, face painting, pizza, cotton candy, popcorn, fun and games, and T-shirts for the whole family.

FREE ADMISSION-Donations are Encouraged


Housing For 5 Kids and 1 Adult

Last week I got a call from the Sacred Heart social services. A mother of five contracted cancer and lost her job. She needs housing for 5 kids and 1 adult. I couldn’t help her because I don’t have a house available for the family. This is an ongoing problem. Please donate so we as a community can assist these families. Thank you.

Spread Awareness

Spread Awareness of the reality that cancer patients endure from the unpredictable side effects from Chemo treatments. It does cause a mental effect which is a major factor in addition to the physical obstacles which results in loss of their employment. Make your pledge at the foundation’s Website- today for low-income cancer patients in need of housing!

Rebecca Caliguire

Rebecca Caliguire

Chemo and radiation kill people.. it does.not save their lives. Unfortunately most people don’t realize this; instead they fall into the trap when they have been given the diagnosis of Cancer by their doctor to go the route the doctor tells them to. It is a money making process for doctors, Big Pharma, and hospitals to keep people sick. Most ppl also down’t know that Chemo is made out of Mustard Gas. It is a TOXIC poison to your system. Most doctors won’t take it if they develop CA and won’t recommend their own family members for it, why should you take it?

Donate your CAR or TRUCK

Renovate A House Foundation’s (RAHF) cause is to help low-income cancer patients in need of housing. They lose their jobs and house because he or she has to undergo chemo treatments. RAHF provides renovated housing for surviving cancer patients. GoTo the Website and make your Pledge TODAY!

You also can donate your CAR or TRUCK that’s maybe sitting in your back yard for some reason. Let us know and we’ll come pick it up.


Alexander von Gimbut

Alexander von Gimbut

February 21

Be strong. My mom lost out to colon cancer – she had chemo and radiation and I believe her last year on earth was quite miserable. Dad outlived her for some six years and succumbed to liver cancer. Having seen his wife’s demise he told doctors to screw themselves and went it alone… they gave him six months – he survived three times that and (thanks to fairly benign liver) version there was little pain until the very end. I’m a 10 year or so survivor myself and got lucky – “they excised about a third of my tongue”, but “that was it”… Had to learn to speak again and have some post-op issues – but feel blessed and very fortunate to be one of the lucky ones… Sending you healing thoughts! Make your PLEDGE Today!!

Tjuana Hadden Gilliland

Tjuana Hadden Gilliland When my spouse had stage 4 colon cancer, it wiped up out financially. He was able to live for 8 more years, as the cancer spread throughout his body. He had a horrible death. It is something that we have to deal with, but with God’s help, you can overcome this tragedy. May the Lord give all of you strength who are suffering, and those who are the caretakers.

They’ve Suffered Enough

Most people don’t have the slightest idea what cancer stricken people go through. The first thing I was told, when a black mole was removed from my big toe, that there were two ways to die. The doctor explained it that the cancer can spread fast like a Ferrari or slow like a VW bug. Of course I like a Ferrari over a bug, but I wasn’t really grasping all that he said. I saw it as a red Ferrari. As my head was spinning, he proceeded to tell me that it’s best that my big toe should be removed immediately. He left the room and after a short wait two other doctors come into the room and flanked me, as they sat. They repeated the same script as the first doctor only with an urgency.

With the thought of me dying before I even get home I had to come to reality and point out the idea that a biopsy maybe a logical path before pieces of my body are removed. They didn’t miss a breath and assured me that I’ll still be able to walk, maybe with a cane forever. I went home thinking what life would be for my daughter with me not around. I was in a complete daze contemplating drafting a will as soon as possible. Each day I lived in the future thing how my daughter would get by without her father. It was terrifying. My toe stayed intact and they never scheduled a biopsy. Months later the melanoma, the size of a peanut, showed up in my right lung.

A whole new chapter of your life is presented to you about surgery, chemo, and radiation. Things don’t get any better, especially after you lose 30 pounds overnight. Try holding down your job through this and now here comes the chemo and radiation treatments for the next year. Paying your rent or mortgage is a daunting task with no income. You’re lucky to get to the bathroom because of how weak you’ve become from the treatments.

This is how the Renovate A House Foundation (RAHF) came about. I’ve been there and my aim is to help these cancer victims who don’t have a support system or a big savings account to fall back on. Support a low-income cancer patient in need of housing and donate to the cause. Your generous donation is greatly appreciated. PLEASE SHARE! They suffered enough.