Spread Awareness

Spread Awareness of the reality that cancer patients endure from the unpredictable side effects from Chemo treatments. It does cause a mental effect which is a major factor in addition to the physical obstacles which results in loss of their employment. Make your pledge at the foundation’s Website- renovateahousefoundation.org today for low-income cancer patients in need of housing!


Bouncy House “Happy Feet” Fundraisers

RAHF needs folding TABLES and folding CHAIRS. We have upcoming Bouncy House “Happy Feet” Fundraisers in Pensacola.

Check your garage, basement, and storage. We’ll take what you find and pick it up.

Contact– renovateahousefoundation@yahoo.com

Rebecca Caliguire

Rebecca Caliguire

Chemo and radiation kill people.. it does.not save their lives. Unfortunately most people don’t realize this; instead they fall into the trap when they have been given the diagnosis of Cancer by their doctor to go the route the doctor tells them to. It is a money making process for doctors, Big Pharma, and hospitals to keep people sick. Most ppl also down’t know that Chemo is made out of Mustard Gas. It is a TOXIC poison to your system. Most doctors won’t take it if they develop CA and won’t recommend their own family members for it, why should you take it?