Donate your CAR or TRUCK

Renovate A House Foundation’s (RAHF) cause is to help low-income cancer patients in need of housing. They lose their jobs and house because he or she has to undergo chemo treatments. RAHF provides renovated housing for surviving cancer patients. GoTo the Website and make your Pledge TODAY!

You also can donate your CAR or TRUCK that’s maybe sitting in your back yard for some reason. Let us know and we’ll come pick it up.



Alexander von Gimbut

Alexander von Gimbut

February 21

Be strong. My mom lost out to colon cancer – she had chemo and radiation and I believe her last year on earth was quite miserable. Dad outlived her for some six years and succumbed to liver cancer. Having seen his wife’s demise he told doctors to screw themselves and went it alone… they gave him six months – he survived three times that and (thanks to fairly benign liver) version there was little pain until the very end. I’m a 10 year or so survivor myself and got lucky – “they excised about a third of my tongue”, but “that was it”… Had to learn to speak again and have some post-op issues – but feel blessed and very fortunate to be one of the lucky ones… Sending you healing thoughts! Make your PLEDGE Today!!

Tjuana Hadden Gilliland

Tjuana Hadden Gilliland When my spouse had stage 4 colon cancer, it wiped up out financially. He was able to live for 8 more years, as the cancer spread throughout his body. He had a horrible death. It is something that we have to deal with, but with God’s help, you can overcome this tragedy. May the Lord give all of you strength who are suffering, and those who are the caretakers.