They’ve Suffered Enough

Most people don’t have the slightest idea what cancer stricken people go through. The first thing I was told, when a black mole was removed from my big toe, that there were two ways to die. The doctor explained it that the cancer can spread fast like a Ferrari or slow like a VW bug. Of course I like a Ferrari over a bug, but I wasn’t really grasping all that he said. I saw it as a red Ferrari. As my head was spinning, he proceeded to tell me that it’s best that my big toe should be removed immediately. He left the room and after a short wait two other doctors come into the room and flanked me, as they sat. They repeated the same script as the first doctor only with an urgency.

With the thought of me dying before I even get home I had to come to reality and point out the idea that a biopsy maybe a logical path before pieces of my body are removed. They didn’t miss a breath and assured me that I’ll still be able to walk, maybe with a cane forever. I went home thinking what life would be for my daughter with me not around. I was in a complete daze contemplating drafting a will as soon as possible. Each day I lived in the future thing how my daughter would get by without her father. It was terrifying. My toe stayed intact and they never scheduled a biopsy. Months later the melanoma, the size of a peanut, showed up in my right lung.

A whole new chapter of your life is presented to you about surgery, chemo, and radiation. Things don’t get any better, especially after you lose 30 pounds overnight. Try holding down your job through this and now here comes the chemo and radiation treatments for the next year. Paying your rent or mortgage is a daunting task with no income. You’re lucky to get to the bathroom because of how weak you’ve become from the treatments.

This is how the Renovate A House Foundation (RAHF) came about. I’ve been there and my aim is to help these cancer victims who don’t have a support system or a big savings account to fall back on. Support a low-income cancer patient in need of housing and donate to the cause. Your generous donation is greatly appreciated. PLEASE SHARE! They suffered enough.


John Thomas’ RAHF foundation

Is John Thomas’ founder of RAHF foundation a good concept helping cancer patients who lose their jobs because of the sickness they must endure, as a result of the treatment’s side effects?


Waldo Pepper

Ok here goes
I was at Hosptial today had blood work. My chemo for tomorrow cancel I go on the 20th of January. Bad news is the doctor told me I have 6 months to live please pray for me. My cancer is back I feel great Idon’t want to die at 62 years old I want to live longer! Much longer.