Jeannie Locke McCall

The Skin Cancer Surgery does not bother me at all tomorrow…I’ve had so much of it, I’m use to it! I’ve had it on the top of my Scalp (Radiation) 275 stitches with reconstructive surgery but On my nose , left nostril, with Radiation. I’m lucky I still have .You name it I’ve had it everywhere. But this time it’s on my left hand & headed out of town on Thursday for the Christmas Holiday with the stitches still in, that’s disappointing.. Don’t know how many.
They ask me if I wanted to wait till after Christmas, but I said I wanted to get it over with.. I will not be very pretty because I’m also having 4 Biopsys on my face as well..Dang!
But that’s ok, I can handle it. That’s my story & I’m sticking to it😁😁😁….I want to thank you all for your kind comments & prayers & we’ll wishes!”Love you all bunches~
I’ve got the best Dermatologist, if you zoom in on my face, you can hardly tell…


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