Emily Waterman Dillon

I have CML- it’s a chromosomal mutation…that means I’m a mutant….

WAIT! Does that mean I get to shag Wolverine? (Hugh Jackman!)😜❤️

I have CML-

FINALLY, I have something in common with Kareem Abdul Jabbar besides my shoe size.😜

I have CML-

The side effects of my special type of chemo includes telekinesis, X-ray vision, and the hiccups, and in most cases NOT death.😜

I go for regular visits to my oncologist. He’s very thorough. Does a complete breast and cervical examination at every visit.
I have leukemia. 😜

My mother died of breast cancer eleven years ago. God rest her soul. And I’m built like the poster child for “Check your boobies!”

As luck would have it when they were up in heaven programming me, they saw my mum had breast cancer…so the new guy hit the breast button and the cancer button, so now I’ve got big tits and leukemia! I can’t even get a breast reduction out of an oncologist. 😜❤️

I know some of these are sick. This is how I cope. I do stand up comedy. I was supposed to go tonight but the weather was shitty and I just barely had enough energy to tuck my kids in tonight.

Just had to get it out!


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