Sheryl Malin

Sheryl Malin
December 29 at 11:26am

I remember six years ago, when I found out that I had breast cancer. My whole world turned upside down. I went to the surgeon on December 24th, Christmas Eve with my husband and daughter to hear, it is what it is and the only thing that was available for me was surgery, chemo and radiation. Deep in my heart I knew there was something more out there. I believed in my heart and my husband to go out and search for a better answer.
So, together we looked at options that were done in other countries other than the US, we ventured out and found this program that sounded much better then cut, poison and burn. What I did not know is that I would learn so much more than just having treatments. It’s sad that people listen to their doctor instead of their hearts. I learned that cancer did not happen overnight, so it is not just going to go away just like that. Cutting it out will not get rid of it and poison and radiation to me was not the answer. We are not taught that our toxic environment may be what caused the disease in the first place, which is full of poisons and radiation. So, think before you make your decision and do it with your heart. I am so blessed that I did!!!

People, remember there was a reason why you received cancer and if you do not change your lifestyle it may never go away. In the years after my Functional Medicine treatments the most important factor that I learned was the after care.
I have experienced without damaging my body any further, a program that did just that. It not only took care of the problem, but helped me to realize that cancer needs to be attacked several different ways in order to destroy it. I have been blessed to be part of a fabulous group of professionals and have been clean of cancer for six years. I never say I am cured or in remission, instead I have managed my body so cancer will not come again.
My husband and I have both been struck with cancer, but with the knowledge that we have received, we no longer have to fear. It can be controlled if you choose the right path.
If you are willing to learn more you can go to my web site under treatments and see what type of options there are out there, other than harmful drugs and treatments that will damage your body or cause another type of cancer.

My husband and I can truly say we know how it must feel the first time the doctor says you have cancer and how the fear comes in to play. Please remember there are other options out there and cancer can be controlled without other obstacles that can destroy your body.
Final and most important of all, you are special and not just a number, so before making that most important decision on anything, do some research. You owe it to yourself.

Sheryl Malin


Dusk M Tucker

Dusk M Tucker

It’s hard to believe what I’m seeing! I hope you and your mission do incredibly well!! This could answer So many prayers, and actually save lives. I have been fighting breast cancer, discovered I am CHEK2 positive, Had 8 surgeries in 2 years, and have had to do this, depending on the compassions of friends and charities, because so many, including myself are homeless and on a fixed income. It does very little for one’s self esteem, or focus for survival, when you lose everything, just trying to survive… I have a few more surgeries ahead.. I have had complications. I am trying to reconstruct my body, and my life…God bless you for your understanding and vision. Whether you can do anything to help me,, I don’t know… But the fact that you help anyone, gives me hope.

Katie Hughes Ledford

Sorry you are having to go through with cancer and all these treatments. My sister had this same type of cancer. She had a black mold on her leg that her Doctor noticed and advised her to have it removed. It turned out to be cancer and these molds kept popping up all over her. Every three months they were removing these black molds. She finally became cancer free and no more molds has appeared. This has been almost 40 years ago. She said she would always continue her yearly checkup. I hope and pray it turns out the same with you. She kept her faith and believed in God and he brought her through. I hope and pray the same for you. I hope you have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Jeannie Locke McCall

The Skin Cancer Surgery does not bother me at all tomorrow…I’ve had so much of it, I’m use to it! I’ve had it on the top of my Scalp (Radiation) 275 stitches with reconstructive surgery but On my nose , left nostril, with Radiation. I’m lucky I still have .You name it I’ve had it everywhere. But this time it’s on my left hand & headed out of town on Thursday for the Christmas Holiday with the stitches still in, that’s disappointing.. Don’t know how many.
They ask me if I wanted to wait till after Christmas, but I said I wanted to get it over with.. I will not be very pretty because I’m also having 4 Biopsys on my face as well..Dang!
But that’s ok, I can handle it. That’s my story & I’m sticking to it😁😁😁….I want to thank you all for your kind comments & prayers & we’ll wishes!”Love you all bunches~
I’ve got the best Dermatologist, if you zoom in on my face, you can hardly tell…

Scott Keller

Scott Keller I lost my brother to cancer. Made me so angry at the entire cancer and medical industry partnership. The doctors all just used the status quo approaches while my brother just wasted away to nothing. So sad what cancer patients go through and what their loved ones go through with them.

Emily Waterman Dillon

I have CML- it’s a chromosomal mutation…that means I’m a mutant….

WAIT! Does that mean I get to shag Wolverine? (Hugh Jackman!)😜❤️

I have CML-

FINALLY, I have something in common with Kareem Abdul Jabbar besides my shoe size.😜

I have CML-

The side effects of my special type of chemo includes telekinesis, X-ray vision, and the hiccups, and in most cases NOT death.😜

I go for regular visits to my oncologist. He’s very thorough. Does a complete breast and cervical examination at every visit.
I have leukemia. 😜

My mother died of breast cancer eleven years ago. God rest her soul. And I’m built like the poster child for “Check your boobies!”

As luck would have it when they were up in heaven programming me, they saw my mum had breast cancer…so the new guy hit the breast button and the cancer button, so now I’ve got big tits and leukemia! I can’t even get a breast reduction out of an oncologist. 😜❤️

I know some of these are sick. This is how I cope. I do stand up comedy. I was supposed to go tonight but the weather was shitty and I just barely had enough energy to tuck my kids in tonight.

Just had to get it out!


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